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Massage therapist / kinesitherapist / Orthotherapist - 7 years of experience

Member of the Network of Professional Massage Therapists of Quebec

Catherine Amyot

Stress, back pain, bad posture, I've been there.

As a student, I spent hours with my head bowed and my back bent. I was experiencing stress on a daily basis and to add to that, I was also a full-time waitress. My body hurt, but I didn't listen.

I had to reach a certain level of exhaustion to finally put my health first.

I've always wanted to help people, but realistically, we can't take someone further than we have reached ourselves. I needed to “heal” first.

That's when I tried massage therapy, and seeing all the benefits it brought me, I decided to reorient myself in this field to help more people like me who wait too long before getting started. as a priority. In the massage classes, I immediately felt at home. I even quickly noticed that I had a natural talent for putting my finger on the boo-boo!

This profession, or should I say passion for well-being, pushed me to improve in the field with training in massage therapy, physiotherapy, orthotherapy and more!

It is with pleasure that I accompany you towards a moment of well-being with yourself.

Life is more beautiful when you are Zen.

Catherine :)

Jessica Labonté

I am a multidimensional woman, in my early thirties. A great traveler, curious and always eager for new knowledge, I also work in restaurants where I like to enjoy the pleasures that life on earth offers us. I have been immersed in the world of personal development and spirituality for over 12 years now. I am interested in humans and everything around them.

My treatments include Reiki energy primarily, but I also work with other techniques. I hold a teaching certification in meditation, I have Access Consciousness training as well as several other knowledge that I draw from courses and training in which I have participated (and still participate in fact). Energy treatments help me and do me so much good that I in turn want to offer them and put my gifts and knowledge at the service of those who feel the call. It is therefore with welcome, openness and without judgment that I will welcome you to the Symbiozen Center for magical moments!

Do you feel the call?

Reik-what?: What is Reiki? Let's go with a more Cartesian definition to start. “Reiki is an energetic healing technique by which the therapist channels and transmits energy to the patient through the imposition of hands to activate natural healing processes. »

This definition is true, but not complete in my opinion. I like to say that I don't practice Reiki, but I am Reiki. I carry Reiki. I transmit Reiki in everything I do, in everything I am. However, during sessions, I place myself at the disposal of the client's body and I honor the latter according to the needs or according to where the consciousness of Reiki guides me.

Looking forward to sharing with you and do not hesitate to write to me privately to make an appointment, if you are interested or if you have any questions .

Full love,

I ss.

Jessica Labonté Ezékielle Champagne Catherine Amyot - Symbiozen - Massage therapy clinic in Sherbrooke


Massage therapist / kinesitherapist / Orthotherapist - 4 years of experience

Member of the Quebec Federation of Approved Massage Therapists

Ezékielle Champagne

Since my childhood, my vocation for the health field has always been present. I have always felt a deep desire to help others feel better about their bodies. My path to this passion was strewn with challenges, but these challenges allowed me to rediscover myself, listen to myself and realize my dream.

From my beginnings as a certified massage physiotherapist, I was literally seduced by this profession. It is with immense joy that I can say that I now live from my passion. I have a deep love for the human body, for sport, and as a 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter runner, I find running a source of inspiration and self-improvement which nourishes my daily practice.

My ideal clientele consists of sportspeople and athletes looking to relieve pain and discomfort related to their active lifestyle. My massage is intended to be encompassing, comforting and therapeutic. Indeed, I combine Californian and sports massage techniques for optimal results for both your relaxation and your muscle recovery.

In addition, I have specific training to support pregnant women, because I firmly believe in the importance of supporting future mothers throughout their pregnancy period.

It would be an immense pleasure for me to put my skills at your service, to share my knowledge, and to support you towards lasting well-being. Do not hesitate to contact me, I look forward to meeting you and contributing to your well-being.

See you soon !


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Energy care

Noémie Normandin

We are all on a quest for well-being. We all seek to find that balance in life that fills us with happiness. For my part, I consider that well-being is a question of balance between body and mind. I have always been a person with good lifestyle habits, however despite the fact that I worked out regularly and had good eating habits, I lived with constant stress and anxiety. I then decided to turn to different alternative techniques, such as meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation allowed me to take a break and fully listen to my body and what it had to teach me. This approach led me into a process of transformation and personal growth and from there was born my passion for the global and holistic understanding of humans. Curious by nature, I decided to take my course in massage therapy in order to deepen my knowledge and be able to support people in their healing processes. I support people experiencing stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

The approach that I propose is above all about listening, kindness and the creation of a safe space so that the person can be in a space of trust, in order to expect a state of relaxation and well-being. The treatments offered are suitable both for people who like to explore energetic worlds and for people who want to treat themselves to a moment of calm and tranquility.

Noémie Normandin Ezékielle Champagne Catherine Amyot - Symbiozen - Massage therapy clinic in Sherbrooke


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