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Do you want to find a certain balance, both in body and mind? Treat yourself to a Reiki treatment at the SymbioZen Center, a space of rest and relaxation ideal for all those seeking well-being.

You will be welcomed by a team of professionals passionate about care in all its forms, from massage therapy to physiotherapy , including orthotherapy and Reiki.

Don't wait any longer, take the time to breathe and take care of yourself. Relieve your pain and tension with a Reiki treatment in Sherbrooke. We are listening to you.

Book a Reiki session in Sherbrooke at 873 662-6704

Circulate energy and find calm thanks to Reiki

Born in Japan, Reiki is a form of traditional and holistic energy treatment which aims above all to stimulate the circulation of energy, to awaken the immune system and activate natural healing processes.

Reiki treatment, or Reiki massage, has many benefits, both on physical aspects related to the body, but also on psychological and emotional levels. The circulation of energy allows the body and mind to be rebalanced, which induces a general feeling of calm.

Practiced by laying on of hands, Reiki is a gentle method, which allows for delicate regeneration, without any pain. To find out more, contact Jessica , our Reiki professional in Sherbrooke.


Questions about our Reiki massage sessions in Sherbrooke? Check out our FAQ

Benefit from care offered by a passionate and certified professional

At the SymbioZen Center, all our Reiki treatments are offered by Jessica, a therapist trained and certified in Reiki, but also in meditation and other forms of energy care.

Passionate about personal development and spirituality, Jessica is curious by nature and this is what led her to become interested in energy healing and more particularly Reiki. After several training courses, this professional is able to offer you quality care, provided with great sensitivity and empathy, in a caring atmosphere free from any judgment, conducive to relaxation.

Benefit as quickly as possible from the unique know-how of an enthusiastic and qualified professional, request an appointment with Jessica for a Reiki massage in Sherbrooke. Entrust your well-being to expert hands.

Make an appointment for a Reiki treatment in Sherbrooke

Do you want to discover Reiki massage during a first session? Or do you already know this practice and feel the need to book a treatment? Make an appointment now with Jessica, our Reiki professional in Sherbrooke.

Reachable by telephone at 873 662-6704 , but also by email at , Jessica assures you a quick response, both to answer any questions and to schedule an appointment.

For information, Reiki massage sessions are offered at the SymbioZen Center, at 64 rue des Érables in Sherbrooke.

Reiki Service in Sherbrooke

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