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When you have postural problems, whether due to an accident, an overly sedentary lifestyle or poor daily posture, it is important to act to avoid excessive imbalance and pain .

Rebalance your posture by coming to the SymbioZen Center and booking a first orthotherapy session. You will be received with professionalism and courtesy by our team of massage therapists, physiotherapists and orthotherapists.

Don't wait any longer if you suffer from a postural imbalance and if you are looking for an orthotherapist in Sherbrooke to resolve this problem, make an appointment today !

Book an orthotherapy session in Sherbrooke

Complete support to rebalance your posture

These days, we all have an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This widespread sedentary lifestyle is due to several elements, notably the increase in office jobs which involve sitting all day and our various lifestyle habits. Considered by health professionals as one of the scourges of our time, this sedentary lifestyle has the consequence of causing postural problems for a large part of the population.

If you regularly suffer from headaches , pain in the back, neck, shoulder blades or tendinitis , it is entirely possible that this is due to postural problems. In this case, orthotherapy sessions can allow you to rebalance your posture and make these pains and ailments disappear.

Note that orthotherapy is also recommended after an accident or in the event of physically repetitive employment , during which you always perform the same movements causing pain. In this type of situation, consider making an appointment with an orthotherapist in Sherbrooke.

Questions about our orthotherapy sessions in Sherbrooke?

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Qualified and experienced professionals at your service

To become an orthotherapist in Sherbrooke and throughout Quebec, it is mandatory to have first completed training in kiesitherapy and massage therapy. This is a prerequisite for then being able to begin orthotherapy training. Not just anyone can offer this type of care and qualifications are essential.


At the SymbioZen Center, our team is made up of certified and qualified orthotherapists , who also work as massage therapists and physiotherapists. By booking an orthotherapy session in Sherbrooke with us, you will necessarily be taken care of by professionals who perfectly master this practice and are able to offer you a treatment program entirely adapted to your postural problems.

Make an appointment with an orthotherapist in Sherbrooke

Do you want to plan a first orthotherapy session in Sherbrooke? Contact us, it is with pleasure and kindness that we will receive you at the SymbioZen Center, located at 64 rue des Érables in Sherbrooke.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment directly online using our reservation tool . Otherwise, if you prefer, we can also be reached by telephone at 819 823-2673 . Whatever means of communication you choose, we assure you a response as soon as possible and a session scheduled as soon as possible, according to your availability.

Orthotherapy service in Sherbrooke

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