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Massage therapy

What is this?

Defined as a natural therapy through touch, massage therapy uses effleurage, kneading, crushing and vibration techniques! In order to carry out this activity, we very frequently use products to improve the performance as well as the effectiveness of the sessions, such as essential oils and rubifiers.

The benefits

Massage therapy mainly intervenes in soothing various tensions in the body as well as in reducing physical and mental stress.

*If you are pregnant

Depending on the doctor's opinion, massage therapy can soothe the discomfort caused by pregnancy as well as help with the induction of childbirth using pressure points.

*If you are a child

Massage therapy greatly promotes concentration, growth and stress management! For a child, relaxation massage therapy will be preferred and the presence of a parent is recommended if the latter is under 14 years old.


What is this?

Defined as being a natural therapy through movement without muscular contraction, kinesitherapy uses passive mobilization techniques, i.e. mobilization effecting a joint movement without the body undergoing a movement as a whole.

The benefits

Kinesitherapy mainly intervenes to restore flexibility and joint range without causing pain.


What is this?

With the objective of reaching the deep muscles, orthotherapy uses mobilization techniques that combine both massage therapy and physiotherapy! That said, this activity is composed of stretches and exercises that must be performed directly by the body.

The benefits

Orthotherapy is aimed at individuals with posture defects and mainly aims to obtain recovery and postural balance.

Massage therapy, kinesitherapy and orthotherapy

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