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Have you been injured and need professional help with your fitness? Have you lost joint mobility and want to improve this? Do you suffer from osteoarthritis and are you looking to alleviate your pain? In all these situations and many others, kinesitherapy can be of great help to you.
At the SymbioZen Center, our team includes qualified and experienced massage kinesitherapists. It is with great pleasure that we will welcome you for one or more kinesitherapy sessions.
So, if you are looking for a good kinesitherapist in Sherbrooke, don't hesitate any longer and make an appointment now with one of our professionals. We have your well-being and health at heart.

Tailor-made care, adapted to your condition and your needs

Kinesitherapy is a movement therapy which can be indicated in the treatment of numerous pathologies or even as part of rehabilitation. Gentle and effective, this practice allows you to mobilize the body without muscular contraction, in order to restore mobility to a specific area without causing pain.


As a kinesitherapy session can be useful in many situations, the care must be tailor-made to be effective and adapted to the patient. It is up to the kinesitherapist to ask questions to decide which kinesiherapy treatments will be provided. So whether you want to regain flexibility in your movements or relieve pain, kinesitherapy will meet your needs.


Don't wait any longer to call a kinesitherapist in Sherbrooke. Whatever your situation and your expectations, we will be able to offer you care that will suit you perfectly.

Questions about our kinesitherapy sessions in Sherbrooke?

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Gentle and attentive professionals, serving your well-being

At the SymbioZen Center, we are convinced that working in the health field involves being a caring and respectful person. When we receive patients, we are always empathetic, courteous and attentive so that this moment is as gentle as possible. We like to believe that it is this sense of listening and this kindness that makes us different as a kinesitherapist in Sherbrooke.


Entirely dedicated to our patients, we want above all to help them improve their health and move towards general well-being , both physical and mental. Making an appointment with us for a kinesitherapy session in Sherbrooke means dealing with certified professionals, who master their profession and who do it with heart , every day.

Make an appointment with a kinesitherapist in Sherbrooke

Do you want to book a kinesitherapy session in Sherbrooke? Welcome to the SymbioZen Center. We will be delighted to welcome you at 64 rue des Érables , from Monday to Saturday, to take care of you and offer you a kinseitherapy session with multiple benefits .

To schedule this session, you can either request an appointment directly online or call us at 819 823-2673 . In all cases, we will do our best to schedule a session as soon as possible.

Kinesitherapy service in Sherbrooke

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