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Frequently Asked Questions

• When you have just injured yourself, apply cold for around twenty minutes to reduce

• During recurring pain, heat will be beneficial to relax and soften the tissues.
while providing blood supply to the painful area.

Hot or cold?

• For optimal results it is advisable to take a hot bath before treatment.

• Wear comfortable clothing, have your hair tied back and your face free of makeup.

What to do before a massage?

• Drink water, eat light and avoid stimulants;

• Heat;

• Stretching;

• Relaxing activities;

• Avoid playing sports or lifting heavy loads.

What to do after the massage?

• It is possible to have some aches in the 1-3 days following a massage.

• According to our observations, the more a person resists the pressure of the massage, the more likely they are to have aches. The trick: let yourself go. :)

• To promote recovery it is important to sleep well and stretch!

• If this persists, take magnesium supplements and/or muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Is it normal to have soreness after the massage?

• In acute phase 1x week

• Curative phase 1x every 2 weeks

• Consolidation phase 1x month

• If all goes well 1x per season

• For amateurs, you can have a massage as often as you want. However, as the body needs time to assimilate all the benefits, we recommend spacing 3 days between sessions.

How often should I get a massage?

What is the difference between massage therapy, kinesitherapy and orthotherapy?

• Massage therapy is a touch therapy including various techniques (fleurage, rubbing, crushing, pressure points) with the aim of providing muscle relaxation.

• Kinesitherapy translates to movement therapy. In addition to the massage, the therapist includes stretching and passive joint mobilizations.

• Orthotherapy is a specialty of massage which focuses on deep and postural muscles.

What is Reiki?

•Born in Japan, Reiki is a form of traditional and holistic energy treatment which aims above all to stimulate the circulation of energy, to awaken the immune system and activate natural healing processes.

•It can be practiced with or without physical contact by laying hands on the Chakras.

•The method is based on a principle according to which we are all carriers of a universal energy, which we can channel to transmit it.

How do I know if I need energy healing?

•Each person has a different level of consciousness, which is why we must have a certain openness to this other dimension.

•Our advice: if you've been wondering if it could do you any good, you're ready! :)

• An energy treatment is particularly indicated for those who feel:

• Tired or sick

• Blocked or overloaded in their emotions

• Drained by others

• Need to reconnect with yourself.

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